taylor, rehab, pain, physical, anodyne, training, mooresville, doctor, balance, treatment, neuroDuring anodyne therapy, four pads are placed on each leg (two on the calf and two on the bottom of the foot). The patient may feel a slight warming sensation, especially with concurrent treatments as sensation increases. Monochromatic infrared energy is used to release nitric oxide into a patient’s red blood cells. The nitric oxide increases circulation by stimulating the production of new blood vessels and causing blood vessels to temporarily dilate.

When blood flow to an injured area is increased, more nutrients and oxygen are able to reach the area, which promotes healing and reduces inflammation. As the area becomes healthier, the damaged nerve is able to heal.

Patients undergoing anodyne therapy also participate in a physical therapy program consisting of muscle strengthening, balance activities, proprioception training and neuromuscular re-education. Patients are generally guided through at least 12 sessions before their progress is evaluated and their program is adjusted. The combined benefits of Anodyne therapy and physical therapy include improved balance and gait, which reduces the risk of falls. Patients also learn a comprehensive home exercise program that they can perform on their own.