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Radiculopathy is a common condition seen at Taylor Rehab Physical Therapy. Determining the right treatment for patients with disc protrusions and radiculopathy can be challenging at times. For patients with back pain and radiculopathy, physical therapy is a proven conservative treatment that should be tried first. Our expert Mooresville physical therapists specialize in radiculopathy treatments. Through proven methods, we help patients quickly relieve pain and restore their movement.

What is causing my radiculopathy?

For patients suffering with pain and radiculopathy, it is important to know the exact source and location of the symptoms. This is crucial for an adequate diagnosis of the location of the disc bulge or herniation. A detailed physical examination helps determine the area of involvement and the irritated nerve root. Much can be discovered from movement analysis, symptomology and palpation, through an extensive physical therapy evaluation.

It is important for you to begin physical therapy right away to resolve symptoms as quickly as possible. Hands-on therapy helps to increase the mobility of tight muscles and tissues that can induce pressure on the disc. Pain reduction is best achieved with movement, which has been demonstrated more effective than bed rest or immobilization. Specific exercises need to be performed which focus on the gradual strengthening of supporting muscles and tissues, relieving pressure on affected nerve roots.

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