Category: Hip/Knee

Bruce M.

Apr8th 2020

Not saying there is no one better; just that you will spend a lifetime finding them! These folks are “FANTASTIC”! I had a groin issue and could barely walk making getting in and out of a car a very painful process. My Family Dr. sent me to Taylor Rehab Physical Therapy thinking was more of a pinched nerve. Shawn Taylor spent a lot of time listening to me, then showing me diagrams identifying where he thought the problem might be…. he was spot on! In less than two weeks I was doing things I had not been able to do in months.

Hank Demarest Apr8th 2020

Hank D.

I've been unable to run for 2 years due to a knee injury. Shawn Taylor quickly identified the key issue and after only one dry needling treatment my knee got better and better.