Robert W.

Apr8th 2020

After injuring my neck/shoulder I tried various meds to heal the problem and relieve the unbearable, excruciating pain as I could not believe that physiotherapy would help at all. After weeks and weeks of no success and more pain, my doctor persuaded me (Try this before you think of surgery!) to go for a few sessions at Taylor Rehab. which I did.

  1. First of all I was impressed with the way I was interviewed by the staff to focus in on my problem and come up with a program of treatment before they did anything.
  2. Secondly, I was even more impressed when, at the first treatment session we heard a loud “crack” in my neck and the pain dropped immediately by at least 50%. This improved even more after Sean the owner gave me “the once over” at the next session when the pain dropped close to zero. Further treatments improved the remaining tingling in my hand and improved my posture enormously.
  3. During the sessions I was always asked if I felt the need to continue treatment. I never felt pressured in an any way to continue treatment – it was up to me to decide that depending how I felt the injury was healing.

In addition to all this, the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you all at Taylor Rehab