Now Offering Dry Needling for Myofascial Pain

A Physiotherapist treating a patient with a deep tissue laser
Using smartphone
Acupuncture needle used for dry needling rehabilitation medical treament for physiotherapy and pain due to physical injury in the hand of the doctor.
Doctor pointing anatomical spine
Woman rubbing sore neck
Taping Knee
Anodyne Therapy
Doctor's workplace. Tablet, stethoscope, clipboard on wood . Top view

About Us

Taylor Rehab has served the physical therapy needs for the Mooresville and the greater Lake Norman area for nearly 18 years. We are an independent, physical therapist-owned and operated facility.

Whether you need therapy following an injury, surgery or accident – or have pain due to a medical condition – the physical therapists at Taylor Rehab can help design a treatment program to suit your specific needs.

Taylor Rehab accepts most private insurance carriers including workmen’s compensation and Medicare.

About Us