Patient Testimonials

  • Aaron did a fantastic job with my recovery. He was very attentive and compassionate.

    - Adrienne A.
  • Suzanne S.

    After elbow surgery, I was sent to Taylor Rehab for physical therapy. The team at Taylor Rehab are ALL fantastic! They truly care about you and are very courteous, kind and professional. Not only did my elbow heal timely but they identified an additional issue and recommended I go back to my orthopedic in regards to my shoulder. Well, I did and the shoulder is torn as well. I will be coming back to this great staff to rehab the shoulder once that surgery is complete. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Aaron and Stephanie, hats off to both of you! Thank you everyone at Taylor Rehab.

    - Suzanne S.
  • Everyone was amazing! They made me feel welcome. The strength exercises were really helpful. When I first came in I could barely lift my arm and now I can lift my arm above my head. Stephanie was very gentle and understanding. She explained everything really well. I am excited to now be able to play softball in the fall at Surry Community College!

    - Kaylee D.
  • Susan V.

    Aaron was pleasant and thorough. All the staff is knowledgeable and helpful. During the COVID-19 situation everyone took all precautions. I also like supporting a privately owned business. Will use them from now on.

    - Susan V.
  • Great! I feel 100% better and am able to go back to doing all of the things I love to do.

    - Makenzie F.
  • I fell off a ladder and had many broken bones in my foot. Surgery put me back together but it was Kris and Aaron that were able to get me moving again! I now have normal mobility and am active again. I exercise frequently doing cardio and riding my bike. I wasn’t initially sure that I would play golf again but am happy to report I can play 3 times a week! I appreciate all the help I received and highly recommend Taylor.

    - Lee
  • I’ve had physical therapy before at other places and I can say Taylor Rehab is by far the best place I’ve ever received treatment. The staff is knowledgeable, caring, and go out of there way to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. They have a way of getting you on board to work at your recovery even though the process can sometimes be challenging. You are given personal attention and never left without guidance, input, and encouragement…something sorely lacking in my experience at other places. All the staff are extremely good, always working together to support the patients’ recovery, but Annie (my therapist), is exceptional. She has worked diligently on helping me recover use of my arm after a severe rotator cuff injury and surgery and also in managing pain from increasing degeneration of my spine from scoliosis. I would and have recommended this business and staff to anyone needing help.

    - Elizabeth D.
  • I only needed one session to help eliminate my excruciating back pain. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and assistive.

    - Kayla S.
  • Very individualized attention. They will evaluate you and give you the best exercise routines to fit your needs. Had a question with a charge and it was addressed and taken care of the same day! I have seen my wife and daughter go to PT which is part of a large group. The therapists, at the large group, were stretched very thin and were working with a half dozen people at a time. Although they were good I prefer more individualized attention. My visits were in the morning and were never crowded. A record was kept of the progress I made over my two months of therapy. My improvement was quite significant!

    - Art L.
  • Very helpful and critical to your healing. I recommend them highly!

    - Rogers H.
  • Taylor Rehab provides individualize care plans for each patient. No cookie cutter physical therapy here! Even with rare medical conditions, they have put so much time and effort into my family and me helping us overcome some tough challenges. Thank you!

    - Alisa N.
  • Not saying there is no one better; just that you will spend a lifetime finding them! These folks are “FANTASTIC”! You have a name and not a number and it is obvious the care and wellbeing of the patient is far more important than how many patients they must see in and given hour/day. They really do care and it shows….they don’t just treat the “aliment” they treat the mind, body & soul with compassion to who YOU are. I had a groin issue and could barely walk making getting in and out of a car a very painful process. My Family Dr. sent me to Taylor Rehab Physical Therapy thinking was more of a pinched nerve. Shawn Taylor spent a lot of time listening to me, then showing me diagrams identifying where he thought the problem might be…. he was spot on! In less than two weeks I was doing things I had not been able to do in months; in four weeks I was 98% back to normal… take on everyone there…they are more than Physical Therapists….they are without a doubt “Miracle Workers”.

    - Bruce M.
  • Marsha Hathcock

    Really impressed with the PT I’ve been receiving from Shawn at Taylor Rehab. He really works hard to make sure that what he’s doing is indeed working to fix your problem area. The whole team is really great, kind, and knowledgeable. Would certainly recommend.

    - Marsha H.
  • This is the best rehab/PT in the area. They helped me when no other PT place could. The nicest, kindest and most compassionate place. They care and it shows. I highly recommend them.

    - Cindy W.
  • The team at Taylor Rehab was professional, very competent and truly cared for my recovery from my back issues. I highly recommend this group to anyone needing physical therapy.

    - Pete L.
  • I’ve used Taylor Rehab for more than eleven years off and on as I’ve needed help. Recently, I had a total shoulder replacement and selected Shawn Taylor and Taylor Rehab at 167 Gateway Boulevard, Mooresville, as my rehabilitation provider.

    Every person in the practice is so professional and are a team to make sure your rehabilitation is the best possible. Early in the rehab program, Shawn and his assistants kept me moving but were very considerate of my pain levels. They used all types of methods to enable me to move comfortably and get a wider range of motion with every visit.

    I’d highly recommend Taylor Rehab in Mooresville. They are the best.

    - Nancy W.
  • Hank Demarest

    I’ve been unable to run for 2 years due to a knee injury. Shawn Taylor quickly identified the key issue and after only one dry needling treatment my knee got better and better. It’s been a month now and I don’t have knee pain when I exercise. Thank you!!

    - Hank D.
  • I was unable to fully use my left arm for a year. Shawn Taylor found my problem to be in the shoulder. In one month of physical therapy I am able to use my arm again with no pain. I can do all activities that I could not do during that year. I still don’t have 100 percent of the motion but I am about 90 percent. I chose to continue my exercises at home now so Shawn gave me a list of what I needed to do. I highly recommend Taylor Rehab.

    - Gayle R.
  • Tim Brennan

    After 9 weeks of severe neck pain, I went to see Shawn Taylor. After 2 visits I felt normal and could resume my daily activities and workouts with no pain! Thanks Shawn!!

    - Tim B.
  • The staff really CARES about you. I would give this place 6 stars if I could! Everyone is terrific. Annie in particular is just the kindest, warmest human being – and she’s an extremely talented physical therapist. She totally understands how the body works and therefore she’s been very helpful in getting me back on track.

    - Diane C.
  • Alli Gray

    I would highly recommend this office for anyone that suffers from incessant headaches. I received a TBI two years ago and had all but given up on treatment. My last effort was Taylor Rehab and their unique approach to needling and their talented physical therapists were able to help me tremendously even two years after the initial injury. Within a couple months of treatment, my headaches have disappeared! I am so thankful to the wonderful staff of Taylor Rehab for helping me!

    - Alli G.
  • I had pain in my left elbow to the point that I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee with it. The very knowledgeable and friendly staff worked with me genuinely caring. Not only did they help me achieve my goal to be able to go back to the gym without pain, but I also made some new friends. Go see these people they care and they have the knowledge and skillset to help. I can’t thank them enough!

    - John T.
  • After injuring my neck/shoulder I tried various meds to heal the problem and relieve the unbearable, excruciating pain as I could not believe that physiotherapy would help at all. After weeks and weeks of no success and more pain, my doctor persuaded me (Try this before you think of surgery!) to go for a few sessions at Taylor Rehab. which I did.

    1. First of all I was impressed with the way I was interviewed by the staff to focus in on my problem and come up with a program of treatment before they did anything.
    2. Secondly, I was even more impressed when, at the first treatment session we heard a loud “crack” in my neck and the pain dropped immediately by at least 50%. This improved even more after Sean the owner gave me “the once over” at the next session when the pain dropped close to zero. Further treatments improved the remaining tingling in my hand and improved my posture enormously.
    3. During the sessions I was always asked if I felt the need to continue treatment. I never felt pressured in an any way to continue treatment – it was up to me to decide that depending how I felt the injury was healing.

    In addition to all this, the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and professional. Thank you all at Taylor Rehab

    - Robert W.
  • Friendly and helpful. The staff is very good at making you feel like they are there for you. My PT by Caitlyn is very helpful and you know you’ve been worked on. Highly recommended

    - Dixie S.